Korean, Vietnamese students promote exchange

(VOV) -Fifty-seven students from the Republic of Korea have completed a training course at Hanoi-based University of Industry (HaUI) to explore Vietnam’s history and culture.

These students from Kijeon University started one-month training at HaUI on March 22 as part of an internshipexchange programme between the two universities.

While staying in the capital city, the students had the opportunity to gain valuable life experiences, deepening their understanding of the cultural and historical values of the Vietnamese people. They even took some time off to practice Vietnamese martial arts (Vovinam).

They visited a number of museums, cultural heritage sites and tourist destinations in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Quang Ninh, along with participating in a variety of traditional music, dance and cuisine activities.

At the graduation ceremony on April 18, a representative of Kijeon University spoke highly of the training course, saying it helped the Korean students increase their awareness and understanding of the world outside Korea. 

The Hanoi-based university has maintained exchange programmes with its Korean counterpart over the past six years.