Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai brace for typhoon Nakri

VOV.VN - The central provinces are urging fishing vessels to seek shelters whilst also preparing for all the possible scenarios ahead of the impact of typhoon Nakri.

khanh hoa, quang ngai brace for typhoon nakri hinh 0
In a statement on November 7, the Khanh Hoa Provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue has requested that localities take drastic measures in response to the incoming typhoon Nakri.

Localities have been proactive in deploying plans in a bid to ensure the safety of people, aquaculture cages, fishing activities in coastal areas, as well as taking measures to ensure the safety for visitors.

Authorities have been urged to keep a close eye on weather developments and should promptly inform local residents, especially those in the lowland and riverside areas, to take preventive measures against any possible landslides that may occur.

If necessary, residents should be evacuated from dangerous areas to safe shelters, whilst ongoing construction work should be inspected in a bid to avoid severe flooding.

Nguyen Sy Khanh, Vice Chairman of Nha Trang City People's Committee, stated there is a high risk of severe flooding and landslides occurring in mountainous and lowland areas. According to statistics, up to 3,707 households have been urged to evacuate from dangerous areas and move to safe shelters, whilst fishing vessels operating at sea have been advised to seek safety.

This comes after up to 405 fishing boats in Quang Ngai province operating at sea, in addition to two fishing vessels in the waters of the Truong Sa archipelago, also known as the Spratly islands, were unable to be contacted on the afternoon of November 7.

In order to deal with the complicated developments of typhoon Nakri, the Standing Office of the Quang Ngai Provincial Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue has requested that coastal localities and the provincial Border Guard Command strictly monitor the typhoon’s developments and guide fishing vessels to quickly move to the mainland or to seek shelter from the storm.


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