Joint-programme on reproductive health signed

A co-operative programme on population and reproductive health was signed last week between the General Office on Population and Family Planning under the Ministry of Health, and DKT International.

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Under the programme, the two sides will propose joint-plans to target the population and provide family planning education.

The two sides will also offer consultancy and education to improve professional skills for medical workers and knowledge for residents in those areas with high birth rates and abortion rates. They will also offer financial support to carry out events and target programmes to reduce abortions and spread knowledge about family planning.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health Professor Nguyen Viet Tien said that the population sector was targeted with much success, but also faced difficulties.

Shortages of funds and manpower was a challenge for the country, he said.

“I totally encourage the target of the joint-programme. We should find suitable measures, so that population and reproductive health programmes can be more successful,” said Tien.

According to Michael Evans, DKT International Head Representative in Vietnam, besides success, Vietnam still has to overcome obstacles, since education on contraceptive methods among the youth remains weak.

Vietnam’s abortion rate ranks first in the Southeast Asia and fifth in the world.

Vietnam changed from a poor country to a country with average income, but as a result, different foreign countries cut their financial support to Vietnam and gave that support to poorer countries, so now many localities do not receive support,” he said.

The signing ceremony began a new period, and re-started the programme on family planning in Vietnam, he added.

DKT International is a social marketing nonprofit organisation working in Latin America, Africa and Asia to improve access to reproductive health products and services.


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