Japan to offer 200 cherry trees to Hanoi

Japan has proposed the planting of dozens of cherry trees as gifts to celebrate a cherry blossom festival in the capital city of Vietnam next month, local authorities said on February 15.

Two hundred cherry trees from Japan will be offered and planted as a gift to Hanoi with dedication to the inauguration of a cherry blossom festival toward the end of March, Nguyen Duc Chung, chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, said.

The suggestion, which has been given by the Japanese ambassador, is pending approval from the Hanoi administration, Chung said.

The festival, which is expected to run in the capital city on March 20 and 21, will exclusively feature the hues and shades of blooming cherry blossoms, he said.

According to the chairman, growers and horticulturalists will be dispatched by the Japanese government to take care of the planting as well as ensuring that the flowers will bloom after one year.

Local officials are choosing locations for the planting to dignify the city’s beauty and to maximize its tourism potential, said Hoang Trung Hai, secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee.


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