Israel sponsors water management workshop in Hanoi

VOV.VN - Prominent Israeli scientists and water practitioners chaired a workshop on August 28 in Hanoi discussing water evaluation and planning, sponsored by the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam.

israel sponsors water management workshop in hanoi hinh 0
The main purpose of the workshop was to build capacity and proficiency in water evaluation and planning by attendees, particularly in the use of the microcomputer, a useful tool for integrated water resources management that goes a step beyond conventional supply-oriented water simulation models.

The primary lecturer was Asher Shmuel Azenkot from the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, whose research focuses on developing decision support tools for evaluating various operational strategies in managed water resources systems.

He has participated extensively in the development and application of databases and tools used for water resources analysis in a variety of domestic and international settings in all parts of the globe.

On the occasion a speaker from Alphabooks introduced the book ‘Let There Be Water’ by Seth Mitchell Siegel, first published in late 2015, which outlines Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World.


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