Int’l experts honoured for help to Vietnamese women

Vietnamese and foreign experts working at embassies and international organisations in Vietnam on February 23 received the insignia “For the Development of Vietnamese Women” of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) for their contributions to gender equality and the advancement of Vietnamese women.

int’l experts honoured for help to vietnamese women hinh 0
Cara Ellickson, an expert from the Coffey International Development organisation, has assisted the Union to successfully organise and manage six training courses relating to violence prevention, safety for women and child protection, and gender and disable people. 

She was active in sharing experience in gender equality-related issues with the Union’s staff, and cooperating with the Union to build a project to enhance women’s capacity to fight gender-based violence in 2014-2017. 

Meanwhile, Joerg Teumer from the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation - SBFIC (SBFIC) was honoured for his important role in calling for technical and financial assistance from the SBFIC and the Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Philippines for micro-financial projects of the VWU since 2014. 

He also worked to connect the Union with donors and international partners, enabling it to access loans and technical support, learn experience from those, and promote it to international friends. 

Ngo Dinh Quynh, a cultural specialist at the US Embassy in Vietnam, noted the VWU’s clearer presence in changing the life of women and girls. 

According to VWU Standing Vice Chairwoman Hoang Thi Ai Nhien, in the 2012-2017 tenure, the Union made breakthrough development in supporting women to develop economy and promote sustainable poverty reduction. 

About 5.4 million poverty-ridden households got access loans, while over 1.8 million female workers were provided with employment counseling and about 540,000 others joined vocational training courses, in the period. The VWU established over 6,500 cooperative economic models.

The VWU’s chapters nationwide have been implementing many programmes and projects, directly benefiting women and the community, and helping promote women’s rights.

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