​Illuminating gifts attract young Vietnamese this Valentine’s Day

Glowing teddy bears and LED fans have emerged as the new and trendy gifts for this year Valentine’s Day in Vietnam.

As Valentine’s Day is only two days ahead of the Lunar New Year, the demand for presents has never been higher.

Among a variety of options, LED fans have become one of the favorite gifts for this year’s special occasion.

​illuminating gifts attract young vietnamese this valentine’s day hinh 0

The fans can be turned on after being connected with the USB portal of a computer.

After reaching a certain speed, the LED lights, which are installed across the fan’s blades, will be lit and a special wish or message will become visible.

These lights are arranged in different ways so that specific letters and shapes are formed across the blades when the device is switched on.

The LED fan is currently one of the bestselling souvenirs, the owner of a shop in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, said, adding it is best used in the dark.

The merchandise is offered at a discounted price of VND299,000 (US$13) apiece, while the original cost is VND450,000 (US$20), the owner continued.

Meanwhile, a similar product sells for VND139,000 (US$6) at a shop in Hanoi.

​illuminating gifts attract young vietnamese this valentine’s day hinh 1

Another store in the Vietnamese capital sells it at VND165,000 (US$$7).

The type of souvenir can be purchased at a much cheaper price, about VND80,000 (US$3.5)  apiece, via online shopping sites, Quoc Huy, a resident of District 2, stated, adding that some businesses had decided to raise the price due to high demand.

Aside from LED fans, illuminating teddy bears, dresses, and shoes have also attracted a lot of attention from young Vietnamese.

However, Tuyet Nhung, who lives in Thu Duc District, expressed her concern over the origin and quality of these souvenirs.

“They may originate in China. Despite the affordable price, I won’t buy those products as they could affect my health in some ways,” Nhung said.


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