Hyundai Motor opens job training centre in Hanoi

VOV.VN - Republic of Korea auto giant Hyundai Motor Group company officials on February 25 announced the opening of a job training centre in Hanoi, hoping that it will nurture skilled workers needed for the local automobile and construction industries.

The centre was constructed by Hyundai Motor Co and Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co in cooperation with other government-linked aid organizations, including the Korea International Cooperation Agency.

This is the fourth of its kind following similar job training centres in Ghana, Indonesia and Cambodia. Hyundai Motor Group has been leading the project in less developed countries since 2013.

hyundai motor opens job training centre in hanoi  hinh 0

Hyundai Motor will provide 1 1/2-year programs through which students get trained on car repair and maintenance. Job training for plumbing, welding and other construction-related skills will be also available for three to 18 months, according to the company officials.

The officials said annually, the centre will be able to teach up to 50 workers in the auto field and 1,500 in the construction industry.

In addition, the centre plans to assist its graduates find work at local car repair centres or join construction projects either in Vietnam or other areas around the globe, including the Middle East.


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