Hotel engulfed by huge fire in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

VOV.VN - At 6:15am on November 22, a huge fire broke out at a hotel on Hang Than street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, forcing the hotel guests to flee in panic and causing a foreigner to be injured in the incident

hotel engulfed by huge fire in hanoi’s old quarter  hinh 0
The fire was sparked from the ninth storey of the hotel and plumes of black smoke were seen billowing out of the hotel and into the sky.

After the alarm was raised, fight fighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire and try to bring the blaze under control and to prevent it from spreading to the neighbouring area.

The power for the hotel was cut off during the incident while streets close by were blockaded for fire rescue operations.

According to eye witnesses at the scene, many guests were trapped inside the hotel while others fled in panic. Fortunately, hotel staff were able to quickly evacuate all the guests from the hotel. A foreign tourist however was seriously injure during the fire and was immediately taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

According to police in Nguyen Trung Truc ward in Ba Dinh strict, the local police coordinated with fire crews to put out the fire, rescuing three people trapped inside the hotel in the process and guided 25 others from the upper levels of the building to safely to the ground floor.

Further investigations are underway into the causes of the incident.


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