Heat wave sends temperature up to 42 degrees Celsius in northern, central regions

A new heat wave is forecast to hit the northern and central regions from June 22 – 24 and could push the temperature up to 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degree Fahrenheit) in some areas.

heat wave sends temperature up to 42 degrees celsius in northern, central regions hinh 0
Hanoi motorcyclists cover up to protect themselves from the summer heat

The National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Weather Forecasting said due to a high heat pressure in the West, which extends to the Southeast, coupled with Foehn wind, the regions will be baked in high temperatures between 36 and 39 degrees C, and even higher in some locations.

The extreme weather, which will cause the temperatures to stay at above 35 degrees Celsius from 10 to 18 hours per day, will come along with low humidity of between 30 and 50%.

In June 22 alone, the northwest region will see the temperature soaring in southern Son La and in Hoa Binh provinces to 35 – 38 degrees, even above 39 degrees in some localities.

Meanwhile, in the northeastern region, the lowest temperatures will range between 27 – 30 degrees, while the highest are between 36 – 39 degrees and surpass 40 degrees in specific areas. 

Hanoi will experience an extremely hot day, with the lowest temperatures being 27 – 30 degrees and highest 36 – 39 degrees. There will be places where the temperatures will exceed 40 degrees.
In 2020, Vietnam is forecast to face historic heatwaves and abnormal weather events.