Heat wave grips Vietnam as soaring temperatures of over 40C strike

VOV.VN - Vietnam is expected to have an extremely hot day on May 21 with temperatures sometime forecast to hit 42 degrees Celsius.

heat wave grips vietnam as soaring temperatures of over 40c strike hinh 0
May 21, 2020 may be the hottest day of the year with temperatures ranging from 38 to 40 degress Celsius, even 42 degrees Celsius.
The hot spell is sweeping across the northern and central regions, with the north-western and west-central localities being the hardest hit.

Temperatures in these localities are forecast to reach between 37-40 degrees Celsius, even 41-42 degrees Celsius in the mountainous regions.    

It is likely that the temperature of more than 35 degrees Celsius will last between 10 and 17 hours, according to meteorologists. The humidity is rather low, ranging between 40-50%.

The capital city of Hanoi is to experience the hottest day of the year as temperatures are forecast to rise to 40 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists warned against a high risk of forest fires in north and central regions, as well as fires in residential areas due to an increasing demand for power consumption.

Elderly people and children are advised to drink more water, eat a healthy diet and limit travel under the scorching sun.

May 21 is set to be the last day of the hot spell before lashing rains fall in the northern region later in the day and the following days. 


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