Heat to scorch northern Vietnam; rain to drench south this week

Extreme heat will be replaced by rain in the south and the Central Highlands of Vietnam this week, while blazing sun will linger in the north and central regions.

Due to a warm air mass stretching from the west of the country, northwestern and central regions will continue to be hit by hot climatic conditions, with average temperatures as high as 35-38 degrees Celsius, Le Thi Xuan Lan, a meteorologist in Ho Chi Minh City, said.

The weather pattern will be similar in provinces of the Central Highlands and southern areas in the first few days of the week, causing temperatures to hover around 35-37 degrees Celsius.

heat to scorch northern vietnam; rain to drench south this week hinh 0

However, it is expected to be more pleasant by midweek and on the weekends as rains and strong winds are predicted to occur at this time, according to the meteorologist.

On May 5-6, rainstorms will start lashing southern areas of the Central Highlands, while coastlines of the Mekong Delta will be drenched, clearing the previously baking atmosphere across the reagion, the weather expert added.

Severe climatic phenomena, including thunderstorms, cyclones, hail, and squalls are also predicted, following the rainy spell this week in the south, Lan said.


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