HCM City: 2016 Tet bonuses expected to be higher

Tet bonuses for workers in HCM City in 2016 are expected to be higher than a year ago, with the average bonus equal to one month of salary, according to a report released by the city's Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

As of January 6, more than 1,200 enterprises in HCM City with more than 261,000 labourers had submitted their plans for Tet bonuses. These figures were used to compile the department's report.

The highest Tet bonus for workers in HCM City was VND600 million (US$26,700) at domestic non-state-owned companies compared to the highest bonus of VND457 million (US$20,300) in 2014.

Domestic non-state-owned companies offered an average Tet bonus for workers of 5.9 million VND per person. The lowest bonus was VND3.4 million.

The average Tet bonus at partly state-funded enterprises was VND13.3 million. The highest bonus was VND303.5 million and the lowest, VND4 million.

At state-owned enterprises, the average Tet bonus was VND8.8 million. The highest bonus at State-owned enterprises was VND70 million and the lowest VND4 million.

The highest Tet bonus for workers at foreign direct investment companies was VND487 million and the lowest VND3 million.

The highest Tet bonuses were offered by enterprises in banking and finance, packaging and plastics, petroleum exploration and exploitation companies, and pharmaceutical companies, according to Tran Ngoc Son, Deputy Director of the city's Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

In 2015, enterprises in retail sales, plastic manufacturing and electronics offered the highest Tet bonuses, Son said.