Hanoi striving to get dengue fever under control in November

VOV.VN -A total of 764 new cases of dengue fever were discovered in Hanoi between October 28 and November 3, a fall of six cases in comparison to the previous week, according to Nguyen Nhat Cam, director of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control.

hanoi striving to get dengue fever under control in november hinh 0
Photo: An Ninh Thu Do
This drop marks the second consecutive week in which cases of the epidemic have fallen, indicating that cases appear to be levelling off.

Despite these positive statistics, the number of dengue fever cases remain at record high levels. Since the beginning of this year, the capital city has recorded a total of 9,180 cases of the disease, with no deaths being reported.

A number of measures has been taken to cope with the disease, with the aim of bringing the epidemic under control by November.

As part of efforts to guard against further outbreaks of the disease, the Hanoi Department of Health has directed districts and towns to intensify measures against dengue fever.

Hanoi therefore plans to clean up the environment by destroying mosquito larvae, spraying anti-mosquito chemicals throughout hospitals, schools, and construction sites, in addition to encouraging local residents  to co-operate with relevant agencies in the fight against the epidemic.


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