Government’s corruption report under review

The Government’s efforts in 2014 to prevent and combat corruption were recently reviewed by the National Assembly’s Judicial Committee.

According to the report, State agencies have conducted 6,877 administrative and 150,932 targeted inspections so far, detecting violations involving VND31.5 trillion (US$1.48 billion) and 3,739 hectares of land. 

Agencies proposed the retrieval of nearly VND30 trillion (US$1.14 billion) to the State budget, along with 2,689 hectares of land, as well as further inspections on over VND4.5 trillion and 1,050 hectares of land. 

As many as 1,552 groups and 2,753 individuals were proposed to be punished for their responsibilities in these detected violations. 

State agencies handled 373,975 citizen complaints, proposing the retrieval of VND854.9 billion and 81.3 hectares of land for the State and citizens; applying administrative penalties to 764 violators; and handing over 25 cases involving 102 individuals to investigation agencies. 

Members of the committee agreed that the report accurately reflected the results of inspections while acknowledging the complexity of corruption, causing heavy losses to the property of the State, enterprises and citizens. 

The report provided neither explanation for the shortcomings in discovering and processing cases of corruption, nor breakthrough recommendations and solutions. 

Many members pointed to the inefficiency of the inspection sector in monitoring the confiscation of of corrupted property, with a low rate of returned assets at only 10%. They also called for a clearer explanation of the issue.