Fresh African swine fever outbreak detected in Dien Bien

VOV.VN - A small pig-farming household located in Muong Nhe district of Dien Bien province is the site of a recent African swine fever (ASF) outbreak.

fresh african swine fever outbreak detected in dien bien hinh 0
Pigs infected with the African swine fever are forced to be culled
This comes after a pig flock belonging to a local resident Dao Hong Ngoc in Muong Nhe commune started to display signs of suffering from the ASF epidemic. Results of samples taken from the contaminated pig-farming household later came back positive for the ASF virus.

Upon being notified of the results on August 12, the Muong Nhe commune’s People Committee in co-ordination with relevant agencies immediately forced all infected pigs to be culled and began the process of decontaminating the area.

Furthermore, lime powder was placed throughout the breeding area whilst disinfectant was also sprayed at swine burial sites.


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