Foreign Ministry: Vietnamese citizens should limit travel

VOV.VN - The Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended that all Vietnamese citizens should minimise international travel and return home in order to ensure their own health and safety, and avoid the challenges imposed on travel in the current climate.

In the face of increasingly complicated developments regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus globally, many countries and territories have imposed travel restrictions or have moved to close international routes without transit.

As a result, numerous foreign airlines have stopped receiving passengers and have either cancelled their flights or changed their regulations in the face of an unprecedented situation.

In a bid to ensure the health and safety of all Vietnamese nationals and avoid the challenges faced in international travel at present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended that Vietnamese citizens should minimise travel between countries and consider returning to the home country.

It is necessary for Vietnamese nationals to comply with prevention and control measures, whilst keeping themselves regularly updated on regulations imposed by host countries and airlines, in addition to ensuring they have all necessary documents, especially health certificates, to hand.

In the scenario that a traveler does not have all their necessary paperwork, it is possible that a foreign country may refuse their entry.