Floods leave 21 dead and missing

VOV.VN - Torrential rains and heavy floods in the central and central highland regions over recent days have left 15 dead, 6 missing and 20 injured, according to the Regional Committee for Natural Disasters Prevention and Control.

floods leave 21 dead and missing  hinh 0
As of November 7, three deaths, one missing and 14 injuries were reported in Quang Binh, Quang Tri (2 deaths and 2 injuries), Binh Dinh (2 deaths, 2 injuries), Phu Yen (7 deaths, one missing), Dak Lak (1 death), Kon Tum (one missing), Quang Ngai (three missing, one injury), Hue (one injury).

Floods also destroyed 225 houses, partly damaging 249 others and inundating 42,812.

Thousands of hectares of rice and subsidy crops were submerged and more than 6,300 cattle and 44,200 poultry were swept away.

floods leave 21 dead and missing  hinh 1

Initial losses are estimated at more than VND590 billion, including Quang Binh (VND55 billion), Quang Tri (VND95 billion), Phu Yen (VND311.5 billion), Khanh Hoa (VND124 billion) and Kon Tum (VND5.038 billion).

Despite having no floods in Binh Dinh province up to November 7, landslides causing traffic separation occurred in several parts of Vinh Kim-Vinh Son roads.

Floodwater in rivers in Dak Lak province is receding, but water level in Krong Ana River is still at a warning level with as many as local 150 households facing submergence.

Many roads in Krong No district, Dak Nong province are still deep 1m under water, isolating communes.


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