Flappy Bird back in August with new functions

(VOV) -Flappy Bird creator Nguyen Ha Dong has officially confirmed that his fortuitous and addictive “endless flapper” will be back in August with many new functions, including multiplayer.

Dong made the announcement on CNBC’s business television programme “Closing Bell” which was broadcast live at 16h45 (local time) in New York on May 14.

flappy bird back in august with new functions hinh 0

Just one month ago, Dong unexpectedly yanked the chart busting game from IOS App and Google Play, following a wave of controversy concerning its addictiveness.

The 28-year-old programmer said that he took the game down with the intention of bringing it back in a less addictive form.

Some players reportedly lost their jobs because they were too busy playing the games, while other frustrated students are said to have broken their phones because they could not win.