Five districts of Thanh Hoa report outbreaks of A/H5N6 avian flu

VOV.VN - A total of five districts in Thanh Hoa province have reported outbreaks of the A/H5N6 avian influenza, with the first outbreak being detected in Nong Cong district on February 3, forcing local veterinary workers to destroy approximately 43,600 poultry.

five districts of thanh hoa report outbreaks of a/h5n6 avian flu hinh 0
The first outbreak of the A/H5N6 avian influenza was recorded on February 3 at a local poultry farm in Lai Thinh hamlet of Tan Khang commune in Nong Cong district.

Elsewhere, Quang Xuong district saw reports of the epidemic on February 4 in a breeding farm in Quang Truong commune.

As of the afternoon of February 16, the epidemic had spread to 32 households in the districts of Nong Cong, Quang Xuong, Vinh Loc, and Nhu Xuan, in addition to reaching Thanh Hoa city, with the number of infected poultry increasing to over 4,000.

The Animal Health and Husbandry sub-department of Thanh Hoa province stated that they have been co-ordinating efforts with local authorities to disinfect breeding areas, roads, and alleys that have been affected in local villages.

Alongside this, they have supplied 8,000 litres of disinfectant chemicals and provided 559,000 doses of avian influenza vaccines as a means of vaccinating poultry in the locality.


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