First outbreak of African swine fever detected in Tay Ninh

VOV.VN - The first outbreak of African swine fever has been discovered in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh, according to the Tay Ninh Department of Animal Health under the provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

first outbreak of african swine fever detected in tay ninh  hinh 0
Local veterinary workers cull all infected pigs in line with existing regulations.
As of July 7, local veterinary workers have been culling all infected pigs in line with existing regulations.

From July 3-5, a local pig breeder working in Thanh Long commune of Chau Thanh district reported to the provincial department of animal health that six pigs had died after displaying signs of the African swine fever (ASF) epidemic.

After samples were taken from the contaminated pig-farming household, results showed that they had tested positive for the ASF virus.

Pham Van Tan, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, has been directing all relevant units to cull any affected pigs, continue to sterilize breeding facilities, and spray disinfectants throughout swine burial sites under current regulations.

Leaders of Chau Thanh district said that apart from disinfecting pig farms, the district has been working to set up two quarantine checkpoints at Ben Soi market and Ong Co bridge in order to attempt to prevent the further spread of ASF.

Currently, the Animal Health Agency of Zone 6 is working in collaboration with relevant agencies in Tay Ninh province to strictly monitor the development of the ASF virus and strengthen prevention activities in the hope of stamping out the epidemic.


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