Extreme natural calamities cause big concerns for Vietnam

Natural disasters in the first six months of the year killed 47 people and caused damages worth VND3.4 trillion.

extreme natural calamities cause big concerns for vietnam hinh 0
Since the beginning of the year, Vietnam has incurred 16 types of natural disasters, 186 thunderstorms, tornadoes and heavy rains in 43 provinces and cities. The situation was particularly long and abnormal in the northern mountainous provinces.

The country has also faced one typhoon in the East Sea; severe drought and saltwater intrusion; and 31 river bank and coastline erosion and sea dyke subsidence cases in Mekong Delta.

Local heavy rains and floods occurred in the northern mountainous areas amid a series of accidents, including the Bara Do Luong dam in Nghe An province.

The natural calamities killed 47 and injured 130 people, causing losses of VND3.384 trillion.

The National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting predicted that Vietnam would receive 11-13 typhoons this year and tropical depressions, including 5-6 typhoons that will attack land.

Some typhoons will hit the south, which lacks infrastructure conditions and experience to deal with typhoons.

Scientists pointed out that deforestation, environmental destruction, uncontrolled mineral exploitation and more hydropower plants all have led to the extreme weather.

A high number of deforestation cases has been reported, but experts believe that many cases still have not been discovered. Illegal loggers operate with the support of forest rangers amid the indifference of local authorities.

As forests disappear, hills and mountains become bare, while drought in dry season and floods in rainy season are anticipated.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the first four months of 2020, agencies discovered 3, 252 violations of the Forestry Law with 252 hectares of forests affected.

The total number of violations settled in the first four months was 2.385. Of this, administrative punishment was imposed on 2,306 cases and 79 cases were brought to criminal handling, and 4.079 cubic meters of timber were seized.

The National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting predicted that this year's rainy and typhoon season will be late this year, although Typhoon No 1 storm has arrived.

From August onwards, the frequency of tropical depressions and typhoons will be higher. Rapid-fire typhoons will come in the last months of the year, especially September, October, November and the first half of December.

Every year, Vietnam has to cope with 10-15 flash floods in the northern and central mountainous areas, Central Highlands and eastern part of the southern region.

Environmentalists warn that people cannot gain economic growth at any cost, because this is unsustainable growth.


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