eSIM service now available for Apple Watch

Apple Watch users in Vietnam can now use eSIM service directly on their watches to connect with the country’s mobile network, without needing to use bluetooth on their iPhones to set up a connection. This marks the next step in Viettel’s plan to expand the service to more devices.

esim service now available for apple watch hinh 0
A person wears a smartwatch. Viettel has launched eSIM service for the Apple Watch – Photo: Van Ly

Viettel Telecom launched eSIM for Apple Watch today, December 13, making it the first carrier to offer the service in the local market. Apple Watch products are easily available through the Viettel Store chain.

Earlier, Viettel was the first to provide eSIM for iPhone users.

With the eSIM service, Apple’s smartwatch users can receive calls, use maps, stream music online on their watches without having to carry an iPhone as well.

According to the military-run telecom provider, the service’s activation fee is VND150,000 and monthly maintenance fee is VND25,000. On the occasion of the launch, Viettel is offering a waiver of the activation fee and the monthly fee for the first six months of using the service.

In Vietnam, as many as 70,000 Viettel customers use eSIM on their iPhones. Apart from providing the service to iPhone and Apple Watch users, Viettel is set to expand the service to other wearable devices, smartphones and tablets such as Xiaomi smartphones and Samsung smartwatches.

The global mobile telecom industry currently leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) in its development plans. By 2021, the number of IoT-connected devices is expected to outpace that of non-IoT units, including mobile phones and laptops. Further, there will be 21 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025.