Drug-related crimes escalate

(VOV) - Drug-related crimes have been escalating in many provinces and cities across Vietnam, participants were told at an international seminar in Hanoi on December 13 on combating drug trafficking in Southeast Asia.

The event, held by the French National School for the Judiciary (ENM), aims to help judges, investigators and inspectors get up-to-date information on drug trafficking in the Southeast Asian region so that they can take effective measures against drug-related crimes.

Delegates from Vietnam, France, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, China, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea (RoK) stressed the need to boost international cooperation in combating organised drug trafficking rings.

Bui Son Cuong, a representative from the Vietnam People's Supreme Court, said that thousands of drug-related cases have been detected in recent years, including several that involved foreign nationals. Cross-border drug trafficking has become a thorny problem that requires joint efforts by Vietnamese and international forces to stamp out the social evil.

According to OICS, an international drug control organisation, Southeast Asia is among one of the hot spots for drug traffickers who illegally trade and process heroin and narcotics.