Drug trafficker arrested in Quang Tri province

VOV.VN - Quang Tri police on October 29 arrested a man for smuggling drugs in Dong Ha City.

drug trafficker arrested in quang tri province hinh 0
Hien at the police station
Trinh Phuong Hien, born in 1986, residing at District 1, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri province, was caught red-handed while attempting to store and smuggle 98 pink pills.

Hien told police that the tablets he was carrying were labeled WY, which is the logo for a drug that combines caffeine with methamphetamines.

The drug trafficker also confessed that he bought the drugs to use and sell.

In addition to drugs, the authorities also seized a mobile phone, syringes, cash, and relevant papers.

The case is under further investigation.


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