Drug trafficker arrested in Dien Bien

VOV.VN - Police from the Drug Crime Investigation Department of Dien Bien province’s Border Guard Command has co-ordinated with the law enforcement authorities to arrest a female drug trafficker illegally transporting drugs at the Tay Trang international border gate.

drug trafficker arrested in dien bien hinh 0
At 15:30 on October 23, a suspected woman was stopped by police at Tay Trang international gate in the northern province of Dien Bien province. After being examined, police discovered green packs containing 5,000 meth pills hidden in the boot of her motorbike.

The suspect, named Lo Thi Huong, born in 1975, admitted that she often went to Laos to purchase miscellaneous goods  and got acquainted with a man from Lao who bought the drugs at Kip 2.5 million (Lao currency).

She planned to bring the remaining drugs to Vietnam but was apprehended by police.

The incident is still under investigation.


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