Driven by a passion to serve, doctors provide free care in Cambodia

VOV.VN - Driven by a desire to serve the poor and needy, Vietnamese medical doctors on Sunday, August 20, provided free medical check-ups and other care to residents of Cambodia.

driven by a passion to serve, doctors provide free care in cambodia hinh 0
People in villages and remote areas most often do not have access to proper medical facilities that provide adequate care, said representatives of the Vietnamese Doctors Association in Cambodia.

Having experienced this lack of care during our childhood is what has motivated many of the participating doctors and other professionals to donate their time and money to assist the needy, such as those in the city of Daun Keo in the Cambodian province of Takeo this past Sunday.

The Vietnamese Doctors Association was legally established in February this year and hopes to provide medical treatment to thousands of patients in Cambodia over the years to come.

It is a volunteer organization and they don’t pay as much as the corporate hospitals that shell out thousands of US dollars for doctors and professional medical staff, said the reps, but that it is a nonissue because it is a humanitarian organization staffed by individuals drive by a zeal to serve.

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