Drastic measures to fight against African swine fever

VOV.VN - Hanoi has deployed a range of urgent measures to combat the ongoing African swine fever epidemic after it was first discovered in the city five months ago.

drastic measures to fight against african swine fever hinh 0
In line with regulations, the city has undertaken a cull of all infected pigs, provided financial support to residents, and applied bio-safety measures to breeding activities.

According to the Hanoi Sub-Department of Animal Health, from July 1-7, the African swine fever (ASF) epidemic was detected at 907 pig-farming households across 16 hamlets, resulting in 16,910 pigs being culled.

Nguyen Ngoc Son, head of the Hanoi Sub-Department of Animal Health, said there are a number of challenges facing the city to prevent the further spread of the virus as there is currently no vaccine available for the epidemic. In addition, small-scale households have not applied necessary bio-safety procedures when raising pigs.

Furthermore, a number of districts have faced challenges when hiring workers to cull infected pigs, particularly in large-scale pig-farming households.

Moreover, some communes have encountered difficulties when arranging a land fund through which to cull infected swine, posing a number of environmental pollution risks.

Nguyen Huy Dang, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said the department has directed the Animal Health and Veterinary Department to co-ordinate with districts and communes to disinfect breeding facilities throughout the capital. In order to do so, a total quantity of 216 tons of chemicals are to be provided.

To boost this figure, localities have provided an additional 215 tons of chemicals and 7,225 tons of lime powder to high risks areas and prepare sufficient equipment to combat the epidemic.

The department has also collaborated with districts and communes to strictly supervise each household. Thanks to that, outbreaks of ASF can be detected in a timely manner and the further spread of the epidemic can be contained.

The department has been working alongside the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade and breeding businesses to discuss necessary measures to take on pigs and pork products and to set up quarantine checkpoints that can monitor the transportation of pigs through the region.


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