Dengue fever booms in summer

Over 50,000 dengue fever cases have been reported nationwide, with 15 deaths so far this year, according to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

dengue fever booms in summer hinh 0

The Hanoi-based hospital has recorded a surge in dengue fever patients in the recent two weeks, with 200 cases each day, 20% of whom are hospitalised.

The number of dengue fever patients rose fourfold over the same period last year, with serious side-effects, it said.

Meanwhile, Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi has also received a rising number of dengue fever patients. From January to April this year, the hospital gave treatment to 10 patients each month, but from May, the number has been25-30 cases per day.

Doctors held that the booming of the disease is due to changes in weather in the northern region with more rains which help mosquitoes to multiply quickly.

They advised people to come to hospital for check-ups immediately when showing dengue fever symptoms, while protecting themselves by killing mosquitoes and larva.


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