Danang lauded for administrative reforms

Most departments, agencies and grassroots organisations in the central city of Danang have applied the ‘one-stop shop’ software system to manage procedures, with 97% of daily in and out documents using the software.

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Deputy Director of the city’s Home Affairs Department, Che Viet Son made the claims at a conference on August 26 on administrative reform and information technology. 

Son said 900 digital documents are sent through the software system each day to reduce printing and management costs, as well as speeding up the process. 

He said the city also launched its website gopy.danang.gov.vn last year to receive opinions from residents and improve exchange between city leaders and residents. 

“At least 600 opinions and complaints were sent by local residents each month on the environment, harassment, pollution, security and poor management among state agencies,” the official said. 

According to Son, 56 local grassroots agencies and departments have used email to receive or send documents in e-transactions, while their websites are regularly updated information and new documents. 

Son, however, complained that leadership in some grassroots administrations and departments have yet to make use of archives and records services. 

A report on archives and document records services in 2011-15 revealed that 96% of local agencies applied strict controls and management on in-and-out documents in 2015 in comparison to 50% in 2011. 

The report also showed that 75% of agencies invested in infrastructure of archives service in 2015, compared to 30% in 2011. 

According to deputy director of Information and Technology, Tran Thach, 95% of public servants can now work online. 

Thach said IT applications have been applied to various services, including one-stop shops, residential management, public transport and water supervision. 

The city launched e-Government in 2015 and plans to make Danang a Smart city by 2020. It was the first city in Vietnam to offer free wireless internet, with a maximum of 20,000 connections at a time for locals and tourists in major streets, schools and beaches in the city. 

The city also introduced a paperless administration office in Lien Chieu district to improve manual procedures. 

Danang has improved its ranking under the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) from the 11th place out of 63 provinces and cities in 2011 to second place in 2015. 

In 2013, the city’s Home Affairs department launched online public evaluations on administrative procedures at 56 communes, precincts and departments throughout the city. 

The department also posted detailed personal information on all 2,700 civil servants on the website for those voting on administrative procedure services and staff.


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