Danang considers bike rental service

The Transport Department of Danang City has considered a pilot bike rental service at the city centre.

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Danang considers bike rental service

According to the department, rapid urbanisation and sharp rise in tourists have pressured the municipal traffic and environment.

The city has seen an average annual growth of 12% in cars and 10.5% in motorbikes. Traffic congestion has been forecast as a more common problem in Danang after 2020 if the city does not adopt proper solutions to deal with the situation.

 To restrict private vehicles, the department plans a pilot bike rental service as in many developed countries. This is intended to ease traffic congestion and environmental pollution as well as help connect people to bus stops.

 The department will select Hai Chau, Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son districts for the project. Initially, around 30-40 areas will be selected for the service with 5-10 bikes to be used each, prioritising main streets and spots near bus stops.

 People would use QR Codes to open bikes.

 The fees would depend on the rental time and the payment would be paid online or directly at the service stations at hotels or restaurants.

 Users can return bikes at the service stations or any permitted places.