COVID-19 UPDATE: Infections rise to 240, no deaths reported

VOV.VN - Vietnam has recorded a total of 240 coronavirus cases since the epidemic broke out in January, but no deaths have been reported. Ninety COVID-19 patients have been discharged from hospital after a full recovery.

covid-19 update: infections rise to 240, no deaths reported  hinh 0
Taking samples for COVID-19 testing in Hanoi
The Ministry of Health announced another confirmed case at 06.00pm on April 4, bringing the country’s total tally of infections to 240.

The 29-year-old Vietnamese patient is a freelance worker in Thailand. Before boarding a Vietnam Airlines flight to Vietnam on March 20, she took part in a farewell party with one of her friends who later tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

Upon arriving in Hanoi, she was placed in isolation at a quarantine camp in Ninh Binh province. Ten days later she had a high temperature of above 38oC and moved to a restricted isolation zone of Ninh Binh general hospital.

Later tests showed the patient had contracted with the deadly virus. Six of her roommates at the quarantine camp had their samples taken on April 1, with results coming back negative.

Two thirds cases coming from abroad

According to the Ministry of Health, 149 out of the 240 confirmed cases entered Vietnam from abroad, mostly from epidemic-hit countries, making up 62% of the total.

No deaths have been reported so far. A total of 90 people have fully recovered and received discharge from hospital.

The remaining 50 patients are being treated at 21 health facilities across the country, with most of them in stable health condition and only 7 cases under intensive care. 

A new headache for Hanoi capital

While the capital city of Hanoi has been struggling to stamp out a thorny COVID-19 outbreak at Bach Mai hospital with more than 40 relevant infections confirmed, it has to face a new risk of community infection after a Swedish patient was diagnosed with the coronavirus on April 1.

covid-19 update: infections rise to 240, no deaths reported  hinh 1
At an online meeting on April 4, the Ministry of Health urged Hanoi to quickly deal with the Swedish case
The Swedish citizen, who suffers from acute leukemia, had shown no signs of the coronavirus symptoms until he was admitted to a hospital in Hanoi and tested positive for the deadly virus.   

According to the Ministry of Health, 101 people, including 86 doctors and nurses of several big hospitals in Hanoi where the patient had visited for treatment, have been quarantined for testing after having close contact with the patient. Latest results showed they were all not exposed to virus infection.

Nearly 200 other people who had indirect contact with the patient have also been quarantined for COVID-19 testing.

All health facilities in Hanoi where the patient had visited have been isolated for chemical disinfection to prevent the virus spreading to the community.  

The ministry requested that Ho Chi Minh City and Ninh Binh province quickly examine places where the patient had visited during his stay in Vietnam to come up with appropriate quarantine plans.