COVID-19: No new cases in community recorded for 24 straight days

VOV.VN - The total number of coronavirus cases in Vietnam remained at 288 without any single case of COVID-19 infection found within the community since April 16, the Ministry of Health reported on May 10.

covid-19: no new cases in community recorded for 24 straight days hinh 0
To date, 241 patients have been released from hospital after giving the all-clear accounting for 84% of the total, while 148 imported ones were quarantined right after their arrival in Vietnam and 140 are community- associated infections.

Vietnamese authorities continue to coordinate with Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to organize flights bringing Vietnamese citizens back home based on their wish. All new arrivals will be subject to a 14-day quarantine period to prevent infection in the community as more cases will be likely to be detected on such flights.

According to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, There remaining 47 patients are receiving treatment at health facilities throughout the nation, of which 17 have tested negative once or at least twice.

As many as 11,130 people having close contact with the confirmed patients and entering the country from pandemic-hit areas are being kept in quarantine, including 175 at hospitals, and the remainders at concentrated isolation areas, and at home or places of residence.

Vietnam has reported no COVID-1919 deaths to date. The country has gone through 24 days without community transmission of the disease. Its COVID-19 count rose to 288 on May 7 evening after 17 Vietnamese returning home the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were confirmed positive for deadly virus.


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