COVID-19: Critically ill British patient conscious

VOV.VN - Stephen Cameron, the critically ill British citizen who was infected with COVID-19 has shown signs of consciousness and moved his fingers after stopping sedation, according to doctors.

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Critically ill British patient was transfered to Cho Ray hospital on May 22

The patient can perform simple commands by medical workers and his cough reflex is also better, said Tran Thanh Linh, deputy head of the Emergency Resuscitation Department of Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City where the patient has been receiving treatment for five days.

The patient can move his extremities, although the diaphragm and other muscles remain weak or paralyzed, the doctor added.

According to the doctor, Cameron has started to stop taking muscle relaxants and reduce sedation dose for the past two days. He has stopped dialysis, but his lung function has not improved much. The patient needs more time to treat lung infection.

Cameron is set to undergo a chest CT-scan on May 28 to evaluate the recovery of his damaged lungs. The first scan showed 90% of his lungs were damaged by virus infection, but his lung capacity was increased by 20-30% following the second scan about a week ago.

Doctors will hold a consultation with leading specialists on May 29 to figure out the next treatment for him. A lung transplant is believed to be the only solution to save his life unless his lung capacity is improved.

The patient, known as patient 91 in Vietnam, was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital on May 22 after having received treatment at Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Tropical Diseases for more than two months.

The patient, who works for Vietnam Airlines as a pilot, is the most severe case in Vietnam.


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