Couple arrested for trafficking drugs from Laos

VOV.VN -Police in Ky Son district have smashed a major drugs trafficking ring from Laos, seizing a large quantity of drugs in the process.

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Two suspects at the police station (Photo:
Police caught two suspects red-handed as they were in the process of smuggling drugs through Huoi Thang hamlet at 23:00 on April 9.

The suspects have been identified as Lau Giong Long, 47, and Laotian national Ho Y Co, 44, both of whom reside in Huoi Tu commune of Ky Son district.

Upon being aware of the police and their impending arrest, the couple put up fierce resistance before being eventually taken away.

At the scene, police were able to seize two cakes of heroin and an additional 6,000 synthetic drug pills.

The search then preceded to Lau Giong Long’s house where police found another cake of heroin and 5 kg of meth hidden stashed within a backpack.

At the police station, the couple admitted to purchasing the drugs in Laos and transporting them to Vietnam to be sold.

The investigation is ongoing with police set to expand the case in line with the offences committed.


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