Convalescent home for AO/dioxin victims opens

(VOV) - A convalescent home was inaugurated in the Thach That district of Hanoi on July 17 to provide residential care for Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims.

The two-storey 800sq.m facility cost nearly VND9.5 billion and is part of a larger VND315 billion project to supply rehabilitative care, training and vocational training for AO victims.

convalescent home for ao/dioxin victims opens hinh 0

“These chemicals exposed almost five million people, mostly civilians, to deadly consequences,” Nguyen Van Rinh, president of Victims of AO/Dioxin (VAVA) underscored at the inauguration ceremony.

More than three million people died, Rinh said, adding that hundreds of thousands were incapacitated and left to suffer horrendous after effects from exposure to the toxic herbicides, with many just existing in a vegetative state.

Most victims are jobless with no viable means of earning a decent living, thus it is necessary to build these homes to provide residences and adequate long term care along with rehabilitative and vocational training for them.

Present at the ceremony were leaders of the Vietnam Association for US Veterans for Peace and numerous other domestic and foreign individuals and organisations.