Conferences on planets beyond solar system open in Binh Dinh

As many as 74 foreign and domestic scientists are gathering at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) in Quy Nhon city in Binh Dinh province to talk about planets beyond the solar system in a series of conferences that opened on February 26.

conferences on planets beyond solar system open in binh dinh hinh 0

The conferences, jointly held by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the provincial People’s Committee, will take place until March 2. They form part of the 14th Recontres du Vietnam (Meet Vietnam) programme.

Professor Tran Thanh Van, Chairman of Recontres du Vietnam, said that studies of planets beyond the solar system have seen breakthroughs. The conferences aim to explore the universe, its diversity, and the formation and development of planets.

In the long run, the work is hoped to help figure out new ways to discover outer-space lives, Van said, adding that different technologies and methods have helped discover thousands of new planets.

Participants are also introducing potential technologies for the purpose.

Since 2014, Recontres du Vietnam, has annually conducted scientific conferences, focusing on planets outside the solar system.

The activities have contributed to boosting the sustainable cooperation among Vietnamese and foreign scientists, while opening up opportunities for Vietnamese young scientists to access astronomy and physics studies.


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