Conference seeks ways to ensure sustainable energy for Vietnam

More than 30 Vietnamese and foreign researchers in environment, information technology and energy gathered at a conference in the Mekong city of Can Tho on May 15 to develop research programmes on ensuring sustainable and safe energy resources for Vietnam.

Participants pointed to shortcomings in managing and exploiting energy resources in Vietnam. Currently, the country mostly generates energy from non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which are also exported at low prices.

This has depleted national resources, while resulting in environmental pollution, they said, suggesting that Vietnam can replace the fuels with renewable resources such as solar, wind, rain, tide, trees, and geothermal energy.
conference seeks ways to ensure sustainable energy for vietnam hinh 0
Meanwhile, researchers from the UK’s Salford University proposed a long-term cooperation strategy with their Vietnamese peers in using modern technology to develop sustainable and safe energy. 

The programme calls for the exchange of lecturers and students between Can Tho University and Salford University.

At the same time, Tran Ha Dong Quan from the Can Tho-based Korea-Vietnam Incubator Park revealed that businesses in the park have seen results in creating advanced technology for agriculture and environmental protection, including technology to turn waste into organic fertiliser, and energy-saving lighting for gardens.

The conference will run until May 17.

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