Coca-Cola promotes ‘green’ in Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) on February 24 signed an agreement with Coca Cola aimed at conserving natural resources and protecting the soil, water and climate required to sustain life.

“We consider it a great honour to partner with the VEA to spread awareness, engagement and understanding of the broad topics of sustainability, particulalry among Vietnamese youth,” said Vamsi Mohan, general director of Coca-Cola Vietnam at the signing ceremony.

coca-cola promotes ‘green’ in vietnam hinh 0

Pursuant to the agreement signed in Hanoi, both sides will use their best efforts in regards to a series of activities designed to prevent or reduce environmental pollution throughout the country.

The agreement specifically provides that Coca Cola will fund activities to help raise public awareness about environmental issues, especially among young people through educational programs, contests and green campaigns.


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