Clean up boat tours in Hoi An

VOV.VN - In recent years, many tourists to Hoi An have participated in clean up boat tours that raise awareness for locals and visitors about environmental protection.

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In Bay Mau coconut forest in Cam Thanh commune, tourists row a clean-up boat along the river, collecting waste, putting it into trash bags, and bringing it ashore. Jack Tran Tours offers this progressive type of activity.

Company director Van Khoa says his business has a responsibility to protect the environment.

“I try to find a way to get tourists join our efforts in protecting the environment and raising public awareness. Tourists like clean up boat tours very much. They say they are happy to help the local people to clean up the environment. I think this is the way we promote our tourism in a civilized and human manner”, said Mr. Khoa. 

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Local enterprises and community members, especially young people support the tours. Vice Chairman of the Hoi An Municipal People’s Committee, Nguyen Van Son, said cycling tours, clean up boat tours, and coconut planting in Bay Mau forest have attracted a lot tourists and inspired others. 

“Many young businessmen and people have been enthusiastic with environmental protection movements. The city has also patiently mobilized and strengthened communications to raise people’s awareness about cleaning up the environment”, said Mr. Son. 


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