Chiang Mai Night Safari celebrates golden tiger's birthday

Chiang Mai Night Safari is holding a birthday celebration for Goldie the golden tiger, along with other enrichment programs for zoo animals.

chiang mai night safari celebrates golden tiger's birthday hinh 0

Chiang Mai Night Safari today held the birthday celebration for Goldie, the five-year-old female golden tabby tiger who was born on 16 June, by bringing her a cake made with meat and leaves and singing a happy birthday song. 

The zoo is also holding enrichment activity for the animals to restore their natural instincts. 

Golden tabby tiger, also known as strawberry tiger, is a rare breed of animal, with only 50 of them known to be living in this world, all in zoos or special breeding centers. The fur of this tiger is in gold color caused by a recessive gene. 

The general public are invited to Chiang Mai Night Safari this weekend to celebrate the birthday of Goldie at a Predator Proud exhibition.