Central Highlands village quarantined as diphtheria breaks out

VOV.VN - A village in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai has been isolated to prevent diphtheria from spreading throughout the community after 10 local villagers tested positive for the disease, including one fatality.

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Four check-points have been set up around Bong HIot village, Gia Lai province, to prevent the diphtheria outbreak from spreading throughout the community
In addition, all schools in Hai Yang commune have been forced to close for a week till July 12 to fend off the threat posed by the bacterial strain Corynebacterium that causes diphtheria in the Central Highlands region.

While all school children were warned to stay at home, teachers were required to come to school to disinfect the classrooms.

Urgent preventive measures have been taken in Bong Hiot village, where 10 positive cases, including one death, were reported. Local authorities set up four check-points to monitor anyone travelling in and out of the village.

Health professionals disinfected diphtheria affected households, enhanced medical screenings, and continued to trace those in close contact with positive cases.  

A four-year-old boy who was diagnosed with malignant diphtheria and suffered complications from diphtheria died in Gia Lai’s Bong Hiot village early on July 5. Nine people who were the boy’s relatives and neighbours tested positive for the Corynebacterium bacterial strain.

Gia Lai is the third province in the Central Highlands region that has reported a diphtheria outbreak, following Dak Nong and Kon Tum.

To date, a total of 34 local people in the Central Highlands region have tested positive for the bacterial strain, including three deaths. 

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