Cases of dengue fever see sharp rise in Hanoi

VOV.VN - Hanoi has endured a surge in dengue fever patients in recent weeks, with approximately 868 cases recorded as of mid-July.

cases of dengue fever see sharp rise in hanoi  hinh 0
Health worker sprays chemical to kill mosquitoes 
At present the capital is in the midst of the peak season for the disease as a result of hot weather and heavy rain that serve to create favourable conditions in which mosquitoes can easily spread dengue fever.

With there being no specific treatment for the disease and vaccination options remaining limited, effective preventive measures to combat the spread of dengue fever are vital.

Therefore, it is a necessity to raise awareness among citizens about regularly cleaning water containers, eating carefully-cooked food, and sanitising the local environment.

It is the responsibility of authorities to urge people to co-operate with health centres to eradicate mosquito larva, in addition to spraying chemicals in a bid to further halt the spread of the disease.

To better cope with the situation, the municipal Department of Health has moved to request that local health centres continue training health workers and classifying patients in an effort to decide who should be hospitalised.

Most notably, the department also asked hospitals to be selective in terms of inpatients and not allow them to share beds.


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