Cabinet Approves Three Ministerial Regulations on Foreign Workers

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 25 June 2019, approved three draft ministerial regulations in virtue of the enforcement the Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree (No. 2) B.E. 2561 (2018).

cabinet approves three ministerial regulations on foreign workers hinh 0
The regulations were proposed by the Ministry of Labor and then were forwarded to the Office of the Council of State for scrutiny. 

The first ministerial regulation involves criteria, methods, and conditions for seeking permission to work, issuing work permits, seeking the renewal of work permits, renewing work permits, notifying work permit extension, and notifying the working of aliens. 

In the second regulation, foreigners who are allowed to seek work permits must not be Thai nationals; must not be persons with insanity or mental infirmity; must not be imprisoned in accordance with the laws on immigration and foreigners’ working management within a period of one year before the day of seeking a work permit; and must not suffer from leprosy in the stage of infection, tuberculosis in the stage of infection, elephantiasis, drug addiction, alcoholism, or latent syphilis. 

The third ministerial regulation sets the fees for work permits and the renewal of work permits, as well as the fee exemption for foreign workers who are allowed to work at a certain place instead of being deported, as well as the aliens whose nationalities were withdrawn, the aliens who were born in Thailand but were not granted Thai nationalities, and the aliens who were granted special permission by the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister to live in the Kingdom. 

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