Ca Mau: Cajeput forest faces high risk of fires

Prolonged heat in the southernmost province of Ca Mau has exposed 43,000 hectares of cajeput forest in U Minh Ha National Park to high risk of forest fires, according to the local forest protection sub-department.

Of the total forest areas, which have been dried up, over 4,200 hectares were given extremely dangerous level (level 5) warning and other 14,600 hectares dangerous level (level 4) warning.

Forest fires are likely to affect areas in Nguyen Phich, Khanh An and Khanh Lam communes in U Minh district and Khanh Binh Tay Bac commune in Tran Van Thoi district.

Relevant authorities and forest owners have arranged forces around the clock in case forest fires occur while keeping close watch on the local water level to give prompt forest fire warning and operate firefighting in a timely manner. 
ca mau: cajeput forest faces high risk of fires hinh 0
Communication work is also paid due attention to raise public awareness on the use of fire to collect honey. Local residents are recommended not to come to the forest areas which are prone to forest fires.

Managers of forests have prepared and built many warning plates and no-fire zones.

The dry season started from March in the Central Highlands and southern localities.  

In the 2017 summer season, Vietnam was hit by 15 hot spells on a large scale. In some localities, the temperature was recorded of 41 to 42 degrees Celsius.

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