Bird flu recurs in some localities

A number of cities and provinces across the country have declared an outbreak of avian flu, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of poultry.

  • Grim weather may lead to bird flu outbreaks

The disease has spread over 11 hamlets in two communes of the central province of Ha Tinh, where it had been prevalent in the past but was not completely eradicated.

According to the provincial Animal Health Department, the rapid spread of the epidemic is due primarily to local people's lack of awareness about preventing the disease, as well as their outdated breeding methods.

Bird flu has also been discovered in other provinces, including Thai Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Ha Nam, Bac Kan and Hai Phong.

The progress of the epidemic has become even more complicated with the emergence of the deadly H5N1 virus  in some areas of Thanh Chau and Thanh Nguyen hamlets in Ha Nam and Yen Thuong commune in Bac Kan.

The localities have boosted drastic measure to fight and control the epidemic, including sterilizing farms and setting up checkpoints on major transportation routes to prevent illegal trafficking of infected poultry.