Behavior on social networks should be improved

VOV.VN - Social networks have become popular among people of every age and gender. Using social networks in a socially responsible way, however, is somewhat less popular.

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A social network today is a place to share texts, photos, videos, and live streaming. But not everyone has a sense of responsibility about the information they share on social networks.

Some Facebook accounts with a habit of liking and sharing indiscriminately, for  example, have recently spread the misinformation that many people are suddenly dying of myocarditis. They have invented a fictitious "myocarditis virus".

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Lan Hieu, Director of the Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said “I must affirm that no virus causing myocarditis has been detected so far and no mass deaths have been recorded due to the disease. In fact, only a few myocarditis patients suffering from severe complications have died. People should be more cautious about spreading information that can affect public health.”

Anyone can create a Facebook account for any purpose, making it difficult even for Facebook to prevent abuse.

Many people have been the victims of false information or malicious photos or videos posted on Facebook. Some people have this to say:

“Recently some harmful images have been posted on the Internet. It’s not good at all.”

“If the posting of harmful images or false information isn’t banned, it could undermine the social order. Agencies and ministries should take responsibility for remedying the situation.”

“I was once asked for money by a fake Facebook account. I think the State should take steps to protect social network users.”

Authorities currently impose fines ranging from 220 USD to 2,200 USD on organizations who violate regulations on websites. The fines are halved for an individual.

Many people have called for better behavior by users, asking them not to turn social networks into a place to defame or smear others. 

Nguyen Hai Nam of the Communication and Education Board of the Vietnam Youth Union said “We need communication campaigns to persuade social network users to change their behavior. Everyone needs to get in the habit of avoiding behavior that might harm other people or society.”


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