Bangladesh paper supports Vietnam’s cyber security law

Bangladesh’s Dhakatribune newspaper recently published an article showing strong arguments and proof regarding the US to support Vietnam’s Law on Cyber Security, saying that the law will bring more jobs to Vietnam and stronger commitment from investors which would help stabilise growth for the country.

bangladesh paper supports vietnam’s cyber security law hinh 0
Lawmakers press buttons to adopt  Law on Cyber Security (Source: VNA)
About the line between cyber security and privacy right, the article disagrees with the opinion that the law is set to restrict Facebook and Google, hurt investors’ confidence and stunt the growth of Vietnam’s digital economy, given that it requires Vietnamese data to be stored within the country and allow the government full access as part of security measures.

It cited the example of the US, saying that there has been a much more robust government surveillance system in place under its Patriot Act, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack and anthrax attack. The internet and Big Data-related businesses expanded, while the general masses in the US lived under their government’s active and heavy-handed surveillance.

Vietnam is an independent country and its legislatures have the right to get a better understanding of their citizens’ data in order to protect their national interests, it said, adding that Vietnam is simply exercising its right to protect their citizens from any possible manipulation.

According to the article, Europe has an extensive cyber security policy, and both Facebook and Google are currently negotiating with the EU to settle the damage they have dealt.

The new regulation will require these companies, who will continue to operate in Vietnam, to open offices in Vietnam and abide by the laws of the land (including storing data in their soil and to hand over any required access to government authorities).

In conclusion, the article welcomed the new regulation which it said, will actually render additional businesses and services free from possible manipulation.


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