Around 11,000 Vietnamese women have breast cancer annually

Around 11,000 Vietnamese women have breast cancer, one of the most popular cancer in the country, and over 4,500 of them die of the disease annually.

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Around 11,000 Vietnamese women have breast cancer annually

Though Vietnam’s medicine has made much progress in treating breast cancer, key factor in cancer treatment is early detection.

Medical experts said that early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. Around 80% of patients survive after being diagnosed in early stages of eight of most common cancers while just 60% of them can survive in the third stage.

Early diagnosis and detection is very important in prevention and treatment of breast cancer especially for female in the age of 40. It also helps reduce burden for patients and socio-economy.

To raise people’s awareness of breast cancer, Cho Ray Hospital will provide free screening of breast cancer for female over 40 years old from October 12 to November 23 as part of the program “ Breast cancer screening at the age of 40.

Patients will receive examination, breast scan and mammography. Those who have infection will be under close watch while others will have periodic examination.

Additionally, talks and consultations will include in the program to raise people’s knowledge of the disease.

Venue at Cho Ray Hospital on October 12 from 8AM-11 AM and 1PM-3PM in section D.


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