Annual alumni reunion strengthens Vietnam-RoK ties

VOV.VN - The Vietnam Alumni Association in Korea (FVSAK) has announced it recently held an annual reunion on April 16 in Hanoi that was attended by more than 250 distinguished alumni and guests of the organization.

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This is an event held annually since 2007 with the support of Hanshin Engineering & Construction Company. 

The gathering created an excellent opportunity for graduates from RoK universities to meet and catch up on what has been happening in their lives with friend and acquaintances.

Speaking at the event, Pham Tien Van, former ambassador to the RoK and vice president of the Association, said the number of Vietnamese students studying in the RoK increased from just 367 in 2003 to 4,451 in 2015.

“Many of these students have gone on after graduation to make a significant contribution to the country’s economic integration and serve as a bridge promoting cultural exchange and friendship between the two countries,” said Mr Van.

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Consul General Park Sang Sik
Consul General Park Sang Sik in turn agreed. 

“Vietnamese students not only provided mutual support to each other when they studied in the RoK but also united in strengthening cultural and friendship ties between the two countries post-graduation,” said the Consul General.
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Choi Yong Sun – Chairman of Hanshin Company
Mr. Choi Yong Sun, Chairman of Hanshin Company said “the Company is honored to support for annual meeting and committed to continue support for the activities of the FVSAK in order to promote the activities of associations as well as enhance friendly relationship between Vietnam and Korea. 

Nguyen Thanh Long, FVSAK president, said in the 10 years since it was first established, the Association has actively supported Vietnamese students in locating jobs in line with their qualifications and training at businesses, particularly Korean ones.

He revealed that in the near future the Association has plans to become even more active in the business community of Vietnam and hold exchanges and meetings to share business experiences of Alumni.

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